Youth Sports

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Youth sports are available for kids in Kindergarden Prep through 4th grade.

Rookie sports are available for ages 4 and 5. **Available at Rookie Level

**Flag Football – Participants will learn football basics including throwing, catching, kicking, punting and more. Games are played on Saturdays.

Youth Volleyball – Volleyball basics will be covered including bumping, setting, serving and positions through a variety of fun games and drills.

**Basketball – Come play the game we invented! Shooting, passing, dribbling and defense are covered and players put their skills to use in practice games.

 Track and Field – Distance running, sprints, relays and more are covered in this fun fitness class.

**T-Ball – Kids are introduced to t-ball basics such as throwing, catching, hitting and running in this fun class.

Coach Pitch Baseball - The next step in learning baseball is hitting from a coaches’ pitch. Positions and technique are covered in more detail than T-ball.